Researcher Positions at CNRS Strasbourg

The competition for research positions at CNRS 2022 is open until January 11th, 2022, 1pm (french time).

Message from the section 01 of the comité national of CNRS regarding the competition 2022 for research positions

Section 01 will stand as the “jury d’admissibilité” for the CNRS competition number 01/01 and 01/02, published in the Official Journal of December 1st 2021, and on the CNRS website: 01/01 and 01/02.

The methodology and selection criteria of Section 01 are available here (in French) and (in English).

Regarding the 01/02 competition (CRCN), the section strongly encourages any applicant whose profile relates to the section’s themes. Among the eight positions open to the competition, seven are thematically and geographically coloured. In this respect, the section recalls that when the title of a post includes the word “priority”, this is a nonexclusive indication. The section points out that the scientific excellence of the candidates remains paramount. The jury will assess this firstly on the basis of the research activity and scientific work carried out during the thesis and any post-doctoral stays, being careful to identify the personal contribution of the candidates to the results presented. The second element of evaluation of excellence will be the research project(s). A personal research project, whether or not accompanied by one or more projects corresponding to the priority assignments of the posts, will be favorably considered by the jury.

Regarding the 01/01 competition (DR2), the section emphasizes that the CNRS should recruit this year a few external DR2 (who are not already CNRS). The section strongly encourages any applicant whose profile relates to the section’s theme.

For letters of recommendation from scientific personalities, applicants are invited to consult the procedure described in the candidate’s guide. The candidate’s guide mentions that the proposed research project may be accompanied by a letter of support from the director of the laboratory. This is not mandatory and its absence does not jeopardize the candidate’s application.

For the 01/02 competition, the interviews will take place from March 21-26, 2022, with modalities still to be defined according to the evolution of the sanitary situation.

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