Joint Research Activities

Joint Research Activities (JRAs) address questions to improve techniques and capabilities of scientific facilities for nuclear astrophysics studies. They correspond to the three types of facilities within ChETEC-INFRA.

Astronuclear Laboratories (JRA1 / WP3)

The tasks in this research activity are centered around key challenges encountered in astrophysics experiments in nuclear laboratories: Targets for the study of nuclear reactions in accelerator-based experiments, either solid (1) or gaseous (2) targets. Neutron detection techniques (3), detector materials and methods for neutron-gamma-discrimination. And Accelerator Mass Spectrometry techniques for non-routine AMS isotopes of relevance for nuclear astrophysics.

Astronuclear High-Performance-Computing (JRA2 / WP4)

The work in this activity focuses on making HPC facilities more accessible to the community, by providing access to intensive stellar nucleosynthesis simulations within a user-friendly computational platform, and facilitating access to state-of-the art open source computational stellar evolution codes and stellar hydrodynamics codes. Further goals are to generate verified nuclear sensitivity studies and provide access to consistent impact studies on stellar nucleosynthesis of new nuclear experiment results or new theoretical rates from computational simulations.

Astronuclear Abundances (JRA3 / WP5)

This activity pursues the development of new tools for advanced stellar abundance analysis based on state-of-the-art stellar model atmospheres and abundance analysis methodologies. It will provide a
pipeline that can serve as a starting point for homogeneous abundance analyses of stars used to constrain the chemical evolution of the Galaxy, and web-based interfaces to enable open access to these data products and tools.