2-m Telescope, Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Ondřejov, Czech Republic

Credit: Zdeněk Bardon

The panoramatic view of the dome with the night sky. (Credit: Zdeněk Bardon)

The Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (ASU), Czech Republic, offers an observing time on the Perek 2-m telescope. This telescope is located in Onřejov, a village about 40 km south-east from Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. The mid-European climate allows the observation in approximately one third of nights mainly in the spring-autumn period:

Graph of observing time (hours per month) throughout the year 2020.
Available observation time at the telescope in Ondřejov in 2020: total number of hours (white) and hours used for observation (yellow: absolute, purple: fraction of total hours in percent). (Credit: Jan Fuchs)

We offer observations with the following instruments:

  1. Single order spectrograph:
    • Resolution: R∼13000 at Hα
    • Wavelength coverage: 2nd order: 4000 – 5100 Å, 1st order: 5100 – 8900 Å
  2. The fiber-fed Echelle spectrograph (OES)
    • Resolution: R∼40000 at Hα (R∼60000 at Hγ)
    • Wavelength coverage (56 orders): 3753 – 9195 Å
  3. Photometric Camera
    • Resolution: R = 0.2 arcsec/px
    • Field of view: 7×5 arcmin

The magnitude limit for the spectroscopic observations by using 1-hour exposure is about 12 mag in visual. The observations will be secured in a full service mode.

Aerial view of the Perek 2-m telescope within its dome. (Credit: Zdeněk Bardon)
Interior of the dome with the Perek 2-m telescope. (Credit: ASU)

ChETEC-INFRA collection dates and user times:

Contact information:

  • Olga Maryeva ()

Country of installation:

  • Czech Republic
  • everyone whose affiliation is outside of Czech Republic can apply for TNA

Key information at a glance:

Presentation of TNA to Perek given at the ChETEC-INFRA kick-off meeting (May 4, 2021):

Quantity of access to be provided:

  • 40 clear observation nights


Infrastructures for Transnational Access (TNA)