The work of ChETEC-INFRA is organized in Work Packages (WPs). Apart from the general management in WP1, the project rests on three types of activities:

Transnational Access

Providing Transnational Access (WP2) to 13 facilities across Europe to facilitate the access and use of these infrastructures for nuclear astrophysics research.

Joint Research Activitities

Coordinating Joint Research Activities (WP3-WP5) to develop and improve the capabilities to use infrastructures for nuclear astrophysics.

To work towards this goal, a number of resources have been created within these JRAs, and are listed on this page.

Networking Activities

Conducting Networking Activities (WP6-WP9) to further connections within the interdisciplinary field of nuclear astrophysics.

Notably these include

As part of the networking activities further tools have been developed and are summarized on the resources page.