Bellotti Ion Beam Facility (from 17.08.2024 call, pending final approval)

3.5 MV underground ion accelerator, INFN Gran Sasso National Laboratory, Assergi, Italy

The 3.5MV accelerator at the Bellotti Ion Beam Facility. Credit: INFN-LNGS, Accelerator Service

* Special note regarding Bellotti Ion Beam Facility: The inclusion of this facility as TNA facility in ChETEC-INFRA is pending approval by the European Commission. Prospective users are already now asked to submit proposals for the 17 August 2024 ChETEC-INFRA collection date. These proposals will be evaluated by two boards in parallel: the ChETEC-INFRA User Selection Panel, and the Bellotti facility board. If both boards approve the proposal, and the EU approves the inclusion of the Bellotti IBF in ChETEC-INFRA, beam time and travel support will be provided.

The Bellotti Ion Beam Facility (IBF) is an underground accelerator facility open to user proposals by external research groups. The location deep underground at the laboratories of LNGS allows to perform experiments with ion beams in an environment characterized by a strongly reduced cosmic ray flux.

The Bellotti IBF offers a 3.5 MV Singletron accelerator, designed to provide excellent energy stability and intensive beams of hydrogen, helium, or carbon.

More details on the facility and its scientific potential can be found in references [1] and [2].


[1] A High Intensity, High Stability 3.5 MV Singletron™ accelerator, A. Sen , G. Domínguez-Cañizares, N.C. Podaru, .J.W. Mous, M. Junker , G. Imbriani, V. Rigato; Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B 2019; DOI:

[2] The deep underground Bellotti Ion Beam Facility—status and perspectives, M. Junker, G. Imbriani, A. Best, A. Boeltzig, A. Compagnucci, A. Di Leva, F. Ferraro, D. Rapagnani, V. Rigato; Frontiers in Physics 11:1291113. DOI:

Contact information

Matthias Junker (LNGS Accelerator Service)

Country of installation

  • Italy
  • everyone whose affiliation is outside of Italy can apply for TNA

How to apply


Facility Presentation at the ChETEC-INFRA General Assembly and TA User Meeting (May 27, 2024)

Quantity of access to be provided

  • 180 hours of beam time*