Molėtai Astronomical Observatory, Vilnius University, Kulionys, Lithuania

Credit: MAO

The website of the Molėtai Astronomical Observatory provides News, and information on the telescopes as well as instruments.

The Observatory during daytime. (Credit: Molėtai Astronomical Observatory)

Illustration of the spectrograph. (Credit: Molėtai Astronomical Observatory)

ChETEC-INFRA collection dates and user times:

Contact information:

Country of installation:

  • Lithuania
  • everyone whose affiliation is outside of Lithuania can apply for TNA

Key Information at a glance:

Presentation of TNA to MAO given at the ChETEC-INFRA kick-off meeting (May 4, 2021):

Quantity of access to be provided:

  • 72 clear observation nights


Infrastructures for Transnational Access (TNA)