Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos – Infrastructures for Nuclear Astrophysics

Nuclear astrophysics studies the origin of the chemical elements: from the Big Bang, to stellar burning, and to neutron star mergers. ChETEC-INFRA networks the three types of infrastructures that, together, provide the capabilities needed for this quest: astronuclear laboratories supply reaction data, supercomputer facilities perform stellar structure and nucleosynthesis computations, and telescopes and mass spectrometers collect elemental and isotopic abundance data. – About ChETEC-INFRA.

ChETEC-INFRA is an open community and you are welcome to sign up (via indico) if you are interested in, benefit from, or contribute to ChETEC-INFRA.

ChETEC-INFRA offers Trans-national Access (TA) to 14 infrastuctures.

Proposal templates are available for each infrastructure.

Masterclasses on Nuclear Astrophysics for High School students.

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Postdoctorate fellowship in Nuclear Astrophysics at IAA-ULB

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