Networking Activities

Networking Activities (NA) in ChETEC-INFRA are the topic of four Working Packages (WPs).

Comprehensive Nuclear Astrophysics (NA1 / WP6)

This activity will link the three types of nuclear astrophysics infrastructures to one model science case: the astrophysical s-process. In doing so, it will overcome disciplinary and national borders by ensuring the proper alignment and matching of efforts at each type of infrastructure: the AGB stars to be studied by ChETEC-INFRA telescopes will be modeled by ChETEC-INFRA HPC, and selected uncertain nuclear reactions be studied at ChETEC-INFRA nuclear labs.

Dissemination, Outreach, Innovation (NA2 / WP7)

The focus of this activity is on the dissemination of the project results to stakeholders inside and outside of the nuclear astrophysics community. The individual tasks of this NA address different target audiences: 1) high school students, 2) PhD students and young postdocs in nuclear astrophysics, 3) scientists outside nuclear astrophysics and national funding authorities, and the general public, and 4) the European detector and electronics industry.

Astronuclear Library (NA3 / WP8)

The goal of this activity is to bridge the gap between individual scientific results (publications by individuals or small groups) and a curated and accepted datum for uptake in an interdisciplinary context. For this purpose, NA3 will establish a roadmap for future nuclear astrophysics investigations, including the introduction of best practices in measurements so that robust datasets can be built with future experiments.

Mass Spectrometry Network (NA4 / WP9)

The work in this networking activity aims to bridge the gap between nuclear astrophysics, on the one hand, and planetary science, on the other hand, by developing methods and concepts at the interface between the two fields and by starting to build a new group of researchers who are skilled in communicating at this interface and can disseminate methods widely in the nuclear astrophysics, cosmochemistry, and planetary science communities. The specific tasks involve addressing possible application of nuclear astrophysics into stable isotopic anomalies, noble gas research, as well as extinct and live radioactive nuclei.