Nuclear Astrophysics Compilation of Reaction Rates III

The thermonuclear reaction rates of charged-particle induced reactions have been evaluated and compiled in a seminal, broad community-based effort in the NACRE compilation.

A subset of these reactions have later been re-evaluated by the Brussels nuclear astrophysics group and published under the name NACRE-II.

Parallel to NACRE, the nuclear reactions important for solar hydrogen burning have been evaluated, in a community-based manner, at dedicated workshops: Solar Fusion Cross Sections and Solar Fusion Cross Sections II.

Within ChETEC-INFRA, the scope of this effort has been expanded to include most stable hydrogen burning reactions. These have been evaluated in a community-based effort at the Solar Fusion Cross Sections III workshop in Berkeley, July 22-26, 2022. The data evaluation is under progress. The evaluated data, fit results, and thermonuclear reaction rates will be published in a forthcoming paper in Reviews of Modern Physics and als made available in a web-based interface here.

It is planned to add further, community-based evaluated and fitted thermonuclear reaction rates beyond Solar Fusion III in the future.