TU1 Sensitivity

Detection Limit Calculator: TU1 at Felsenkeller

Measurement Time: week(s)
corresponding to hours effectively
(assuming hours per week)
Gamma-Ray Energy of Interest: keV
Gamma-Ray Branching Ratio: %

Region of Interest:[, ] keV ( keV wide)
Integrated Background Rate: counts/hour in RoI
Background Counts in Measurement: counts in RoI
Detection Limit: kαk_\alpha = (% conf.)
LD=kα2+2kα2B=L_D = k_\alpha^2 + 2 \cdot k_\alpha \cdot \sqrt{2 \cdot B} = counts
counts = counts/s

Full-Energy Peak Efficiency:
Branching Ratio:
Detection Limit: decays = Bq