SNAQs Celebrates First Year of Schools on Nuclear Astrophysics Questions

In February 2021 the first edition of the School on Nuclear Astrophysics Questions (SNAQs) launched. With monthly schools – except for a summer break and months with in-person schools taking place, a total of nine schools were held up to January 2021 when SNAQs celebrated the conclusion of its first year.

Geographic distribution of participants in the first year of SNAQs schools (darker shades of blue indicate larger numbers of participants).

Each of the nine schools revolved around one topical question of nuclear astrophysics. The topic was introduced in lectures, and underlined through presentations by young researchers. In total more than 1000 participants followed the schools, with attendants from within Europe and beyond.

Following this success, SNAQs will continue in its second year. After an edition on the role of outreach programs in nuclear astrophysics in April, the next edition of SNAQs on May 11 will focus on accurate abundances of chemical elements in stars. Abstracts for contributions from young researchers can be submitted until May 4.