ChETEC-INFRA Observational School (ChINOS) Concluded Successfully

The first edition of the ChETEC-INFRA Observational School (ChINOS 2023) was held at the Ondřejov Observatory near Prague in the Czech Republic.

Participants of the school followed a program of lectures, scientific discussions and hands-on activities.

As a special opportunity, the hands-on experience included three nights of remote observations at the Nordic Optical Telescope.

Favorable weather conditions in La Palma allowed for successful observations in all three nights, providing data on different stellar objects for the participants. The workshop concluded with students presenting the results of their own analysis work.

The Organizing Committee of the school thanks all lecturers for their engaging and active lessons and activities for the students. The school was made possible thanks to financial support by ChETEC-INFRA.

The Ondřejov Observatory, the Nordic Optical Telescope, as well as the Rozhen Observatory and the Molėtai Observatory also offer observation time for scientific projects supported through ChETEC-INFRA’s Transnational Access program.