Update of NetGen Now Online

The nuclear NETwork GENerator NetGen is an interactive, web-based tool to help astrophysicists in building up a nuclear reaction network as defined by each user. It generates tables of the necessary nuclear reaction rates on a temperature grid specified by the user, and provides the references of the sources of these rates. All reaction rates, theoretical or experiment-based, include the contribution of thermally populated excited target states through the calculation of the stellar enhancement factor. NetGen includes about 8330 nuclides located between the neutron and proton driplines in the 1 ≤ Z ≤ 110 range.

In the latest version, NetGen include 90 new experimental reaction rates and the possibility to use the ASTRAL database for neutron-capture reactions.  alpha-decay, beta-decay and spontaneous fission rates have been updated with Nubase2020 (Kondev et al. 2021). The mass models have been updated to the experimental + recommended masses from the atomic mass evaluation AME’20 (Huang et al. 2021).

Finally, the website has been redesigned and additional functionalities have been added: possibility to plot individual rates, explore all the references available in NetGen for individual rates, interactive reaction choices, and other parameters.