14th Transnational Access Facility provisionally added to ChETEC-INFRA

After a very well-received presentation by Dr. Matthias Junker at the ChETEC-INFRA 4th General Assembly in Strasbourg, France, the Bellotti Ion Beam Facility by INFN is provisionally added as a 14th Transnational Access facility to ChETEC-INFRA.

The Bellotti Ion Beam Facility was inaugurated at the deep-underground Gran Sasso National Laboratory in October 2023. Its 3.5MV Singletron accelerator is designed to provide excellent energy stability and intensive beams of hydrogen, helium, or carbon. Further details can be found here.

The 3.5MV Accelerator at the Bellotti IBF (Credit: LNGS Accelerator Service)

The inclusion of the Bellotti IBF is pending final approval by the European Commission. Prospective users are already now asked to submit proposals for the ChETEC-INFRA collection date on August 17, 2024. These proposals will be evaluated by two boards in parallel: the ChETEC-INFRA User Selection Panel, and the Bellotti Program Advisory Committee. If both committees approve the proposal, and the EU approves the inclusion of Bellotti in ChETEC-INFRA, beam time and travel support will be provided.