TNA Proposals: Call 5 open until May 17, Office Hours every Monday

The ongoing call 5 for Transnational Access Proposals to be collected for evaluation closes on May 17. TNA through ChETEC-INFRA offers access to 13 facilities (telescopes, nuclear laboratories and high-performance computing), without access cost for the proposer and with the possibility to support travel expenses.

Prospective proposers are encouraged to contact the facilities to discuss the technical feasibility of their proposal. Each of the 13 facility pages offers a check list with key information for each facility, as well as contact information for the facility managers and the transnational access coordinators.

Proposers are asked to use the provided templates for their proposals. The access times at the facilities corresponding to the current call are listed here.

For questions and information on transnational access, there is the possibility to join an open Zoom meeting every Monday between 14:30 and 15:00.

Proposals are collected for evaluation every 3 months. After May 17, the next collection period will close on August 17, 2022.